Custom publishing

Custom and Short-Run Publishing

The advent of digital printing, where books are basically laser printed rather than ink printed, has meant that small numbers of books and other documents can be viably and professionally produced. This means that organisations, whether large corporates or small clubs have the flexibility to tailor the content of their short-run publications to fit their needs and budget exactly.

A simple example of custom publishing is a newsletter but the products able to be created by custom publishing are limited only by your imagination. Here are some suggestions and how they are used:

• Client magazine – client contact and product marketing
• In-house magazine – staff contact and information circulation
• Recipe books – promotional material for food companies
• Photography/illustration
• Inventive menus and wine lists – for restaurants or special occasions
• Celebratory coffee table books – marking significant events or products

End to End Custom Publishing Service

Palmer Higgs can help you create your own custom published materials and can provide all of the services you may require from concept to completion whether you require one copy produced once or hundreds produced over several months. Custom publishing allows you to create a real marketing splash, so let’s explore your options together!

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