Homecountry by TW Lawless shows the strength of this Australian writers ability to produce a novel that not only captivates but puts you in a place of reality. TW Lawless entertains with humor, drama, love and a little bit of country lunacy


I talk to authors every day about distributing their books. One of the key points I try to emphasise is that you need to distribute your book as widely as possible.

Today readers look in lots of places to find new titles; one new avenue is the Apple iTunes store. With iPad sales in excess of 70,000,000 and over 700,000 titles available on the iTunes store, this is a market that cannot be ignored.

It was with great delight that I launched the first two novels-For Freedom’s Cause and Battle for the North - in my Kimberley Trilogy of Australian historical adventure stories

Palmer Higgs has been appointed as the Australian content provider for self-published and independently published books for an exciting new digital output device to be launched by one of the world’s largest electronics companies in 2011.

E-books provide self-publishing authors with a great opportunity but you must ensure that your e-book project, whether new or converted from your current printed title, is correctly managed.

Book Crossing is a great project which lets you ‘set your book free’.

One of the many questions authors ask us is - how do I get my self-published books into bookstores?

Rumour has it that Borders have recently implemented a new policy to enable store managers to take on books of local interest.

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