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Writers love to read!

It's a fact that we're often voracious in our appetite for words and we'll read anything we can get our hands on.

But when it comes to our writing, one of the best lessons I was ever taught was to read what you plan to write.

Professional Development Courses from the Australian Society of Authors

Beginner Facebook and Twitter for Authors and Illustrators

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss over social media is about? If you’ve been considering setting up a Facebook or Twitter profile and want information about the benefits, this course is for you. You will come away with increased knowledge of social media tools and how Facebook and Twitter can help promote your work.

The Australian Society of Authors is organising the following workshops in regional Victoria which will provide an excellent resource for budding authors.

Eight books have been chosen by Australian readers in all States to be the National Year of Reading 2012 collection

Got an old typewriter in the cupboard? Check out what British artist Keira Rathbone does with hers (and she isn't writing novels)

Rumour is rife that Amazon is planning on opening a bricks and mortar store in its home town of Seattle to test the market. After the Borders debacle, would Amazon make the same mistake?

We all know someone who is guilty of being very Shakespearian in their delivery of poetry........ here is the essential short video for all budding poetry presenters!


Another good reason to be a member of the Australia Society of Authors..............In Conversation With Helen Garner and Cate Kennedy

I respect Amanda Hocking as a successful author (regardless of whether published or self-published) but I particularly like the fact that she understands what it is all about – getting your work to the reader


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