Why Self-publish

A few years ago the only option for authors wishing to go to market with their book was to wait – often in vain – for a publishing contract.

Recent changes in technology and associated services now enable writers to create, distribute and market professionally produced books and eBooks.

Improvements in print technology has meant that, if you choose not to print a large number of books using offset printing, a small number of books can be viably and professionally printed using print on demand.

eBooks are now gaining in popularity and offer self-published authors a huge opportunity to tap into new and global markets. Digital Rights Management (DRM) options ensure that your copyright and revenue are secure in this digital world.

The growth of online sales and the projected increase for the near future have ratified the use of internet retail services as a viable platform, particularly for the sale of books. Sites such as Palmer Higgs Books OnLine enable authors to distribute their books at low cost to a global audience.

The internet also enables authors to implement a marketing and PR campaign using blogs, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and email campaigns. These internet based services, and many other services available on the web, help to boost awareness of your book and direct traffic to your chosen sales outlet.