Marketing your book

The marketing, publicity and promotion of your book are crucial to its success. In order for your book to sell well commercially, you will need to apply yourself to the marketing process or engage professionals who can assist you in this area.

The internet provides a fantastic medium for authors wishing to promote their books. The use of websites, blogs, social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In) and online PR resources are essential tools for today’s marketers. These tools enable self-publishing authors to reach global and local audiences for their book to promote sales of their books, both online and through traditional retail channels.

We recommend that you prepare a marketing campaign well in advance of your book release to take advantage of publicity and promotional opportunities. The more passion and energy you can apply to this, the more successful your book will be. However if you require additional book marketing expertise and services, we are able to assist.

As they say, nothing happens until somebody sells something!