Q and A with Rosalind Hyson

Why did you decide to write your book?

It is very difficult to pinpoint when I actually decided to write this book. Although my husband and I were visiting our daughters in England and we decided to hire a car and visit the West country of England.Whilst I was standing in front of Silbury Hill I realised that I was standing on an unexcavated site and that probably beneath my feet was the remains of an ancient temple. I had no proof that this was the situation.

Who/what inspired you to write?

Coming in my mind was the name Aela and as each day passed an image of her face began to form and the thought that she lived somewhere in the misty past. Then other characters began to come forward, eg Rom, Juno, Eena etc.

What was the most rewarding part of the writing process?

That when I sat down at the computer the main characters began to interact with each other and came alive to me. There was never a period when I dried up with any ideas, situations or dramas.This was the most rewarding part of the creative process.

What are your top tips for writing a book?

Follow your instincts and imagination and if you have the urge to write do not hesitate and put your thoughts down as they come to you.

Which books/authors have inspired you?

I have always been a fan of Jane Austen and I realised she incorporated her own life's experiences in her characters and situation. My mother always advised me to write what you know and have either observed or experienced in ones own life.

Why did you decide to self publish and why Palmer Higgs?

I was very attracted to the fact that I could self publish and particularly through the new technology of ebook.

What do you hope your readers get out of your book?

I hope my readers can be transported into another age of magic, adventure, romance, and
treachery. Where super heroes are willing to take a chance on life to change their destiny and
make a difference for themselves and their loved ones.

Would you consider writing another book?

Yes, I hope to write another book with the main characters continuing on their adventures

Do you have any other tips for new authors (ie. book launch, research, marketing etc.)

Believe in your self, do not give up even though you may have doubts about your characters or plots that come to your mind