Q and A with Dan Jackson

Why did you decide to write your book?

I wanted to respond to that timeless question “what are the critical things I should do to achieve enduring success in my (workplace) life?" So I jotted down a few ideas then checked the relevant research and the rest is history.

Who/what inspired you to write?

Leadership is misunderstood in the modern workplace. Most of the conversation is about finding out who we are as individuals and appropriating the right leadership style. But the credible research speaks of enduring leadership only having two aspects, personal humility and an overriding passion to see an enterprise succeed. 

So my mission was to write a book to equip people with a little reflection but more so the tools and processes to be successful leaders for the long term. It is about seeing leadership as a lifelong, ever-upward journey engaging others rather than a product of an extensive analysis of one’s self.

What was the most rewarding part of the writing process?

Writing about something that has purpose and can make a healthy contribution to a world increasingly devoid of the joy of leading others.

What are your top tips for writing a book?

Write from the heart and balance the great paradox of writing: use the style natural to you but remember you are not writing to yourself.

Which books/authors have inspired you?

I do enjoy the business books of Covey, Kaplan and Norton and others. But my inspiration comes from the beautiful writing of Carlos Ruiz Zafon with his seminal novel The Shadow of the Wind.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

The Palmer Higgs team did a good job. I was looking for a publisher who could support the ideas I could create with a book like The Leader Who Inspires. My editor Rose Inserra was able to identify the character of the book early and helped me articulate my personality in prose. Helen Christie and Peter Williams were patient, supportive and diligent in helping me produce a book that truly reflected my intent. I am grateful for that support.

What do you hope your readers get out of your book?

I want to help people increase their ability to lead others and enjoy great success as a leader.

Would you consider writing another book?

Yes I would; perhaps a novel even?

Do you have any other tips for new authors (ie. book launch, research, marketing etc.)?

Whether it’s the cover style, the title, the content, even the burb; make sure you are completely happy with every facet of the book before production. I love just looking at what I have produced and am so pleased it is starting to bless an increasing number of people.

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