Fixed Layout ebooks

There is now a great opportunity to make your children’s picture book or comic book available on iTunes and Amazon as an eBook.

We use enhanced page-for-page eBook technology which provides a faithful representation of your book and a reading experience similar to that of a printed book. Our illustrated eBooks can be viewed on iPad and Kindle Fire as a two-page spread in portrait and landscape.

Fixed Layout ebook example 1

Children delight in being able to tap or press buttons and swipe to turn the page. Why not take the reading experience to an even higher level by including a voice-over, highlighting text or background music?

Page-for-page eBooks are also suitable for poetry, books using complex design elements, or whenever you want the content to be viewed exactly as it was designed.

Palmer Higgs is an approved Apple Developer, so the process for our authors is seamless and now, very affordable.

Fixed Layout ebook example 2

What is included:

  • Conversion of your printed book to eBook
  • Assignment of ISBN
  • Upload to Apple and Amazon online site
  • Administration and consolidation of royalties

If you would like to have your book’s suitability assessed free of charge, please apply to Joy Childs by clicking here.