eBooks made easy

The eBook market is constantly evolving and it's our job to stay across new developments.

There’s nothing like a list of statistics for making the eyes glaze over, so we’re resisting the urge to detail the latest facts and figures regarding eBook sales. Instead, we’ll just tell you that the missing link in the eBook revolution has been the availability, practicality and price of eReader devices. With the advent of the iPad, Kindle and other similar devices, those issues have been resolved and eBook sales have doubled in each of the last two years. That’s pretty hard evidence that the revolution is finally here, and when considering the low entry cost for getting your book digitised, it would be foolhardy to let this opportunity for more sales slip by.

Anyone familiar with computers is aware of the difficulties associated with file formats—this software can’t read that type of file, that type of file can’t be read by that brand of software, and so on. It’s a nuisance, and in the case of your eBook it could cost you a sale. With over fifty different eReader devices on the market and close to thirty different eBook formats, it is vitally important that your eBook is converted into the formats that maximise your market reach. That’s where we can help. We’ve been testing the major devices and formats and have developed a simple process that converts your eBook into two formats that make your eBook compatible with every device on the market. That’s right, every device.

What it costs

eBook format We format your book for the following:

ePub for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), iPad, Android and Nook as well as Mobi for Amazon's Kindle

eBook sales on-line Free inclusion of your eBook on the Palmer Higgs Books online bookstore with full Digital Rights Management (DRM) if required

* Does not include cover design, ISBN numbers or extended international distribution.


What you get

Within 14 days of receiving your manuscript (in PDF, Word or a design-application format) we’ll send you an email with your files attached. The files will have been tested by us beforehand to ensure they work the way they are supposed to. The Table of Contents (TOC) of your book will have been linked, so that selecting a chapter from the TOC will take the reader straight to the correct page. Any web addresses within your book will be hyperlinked, so selecting them will take the reader to the correct website. In the unlikely event that the files we provide give you trouble down the track, just let us know and we’ll fix them—at no cost.

We think it’s a good deal and we haven’t even mentioned our years of publishing experience that mean you can entrust us with your manuscript, safe in the knowledge that we love books as much as you do.