Print on Demand

The range of services available to self-published authors continues to expand and one of the most exciting innovations is Print on Demand (POD). The beauty of this system is its simplicity. We've negotiated a deal with a printer who has facilities in 32 countries, at last count. When we receive an order for your book we forward the job number to the printer closest to the buyer's origin and they access your book's digital files, print it and send it direct to the buyer, wherever they are. See, we told you it was simple. As you can imagine, printing just one book at a time is a little more expensive than a larger print run, but it means you can avoid outlaying money for printing books that may take some time to sell.

In summary, the benefits include: 

• financially low-risk solution for Australian and international book marketing
• enables global distribution of printed books
• saves on transport costs
• environmentally friendly – saves air miles.

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