Book Launches

An aspiring author customarily spends some years crafting his manuscript for publication. The book launch, another step along that pathway, presents an opportunity for an original literary creation to showcase the author's own unique talent and style before the focus shifts to promotion and distribution.

Organising a book launch can be quite a hair-raising experience. Will enough people attend, especially as Noosa has had one of the coldest winters in years?

On Friday night we were delighted to attend the launch of “On The Ropes” at Louisa’s home in Melbourne. Many authors think that a book launch has to be in a public place but this was a warm gathering of family and friends which really suits a book of intimate recollections.

It was with great delight that I launched the first two novels-For Freedom’s Cause and Battle for the North - in my Kimberley Trilogy of Australian historical adventure stories

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