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10-04-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
As you can imagine, we at Palmer Higgs see a varied and often tormenting array of manuscript formats, and we thought that instead of whingeing about another author’s idiosyncratic layout, we’d offer a guide to how we’d like to see it formatted.
21-11-2012 | Published in Palmer Higgs
The ability of a cover to touch the soul, to allude to the bounty that lies within, is part of the mystery of book publishing.
19-09-2012 | Published in Palmer Higgs
The back-cover blurb is a vital part of marketing your book. Here are some tips to help create a good one.
01-08-2012 | Published in Production
So you’ve included the work of another within your work and, taking into account the exclusions of fair use for review and criticism, you realise you will infringe copyright if you use it. What next?
17-06-2012 | Published in Production
Ah, copyright. One of my favourite bugbears, I was tempted to make this article an argument for its abolition.