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01-10-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
  This is one question that I am constantly asked and it’s one that is only unanswerable if the market that you hope to sell into hasn’t been thoroughly researched. Of course, the answer is never an absolute but it is possible to produce a reasonable estimate.
26-02-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Authors wishing to publish often contact us to learn more about how the publishing process works, information we are more than willing to provide. These enquiries often come to us via email which starts a trail of question and answer emails often leading, inevitably, to a phone conversation.
14-12-2012 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Palmer Higgs announces the establishment of our 'Author of the Week' promotion.
28-09-2012 | Published in Industry news, Palmer Higgs
The Australian Society of Authors is organising the following workshops in regional Victoria which will provide an excellent resource for budding authors.
25-07-2012 | Published in Book Launches
Organising a book launch can be quite a hair-raising experience. Will enough people attend, especially as Noosa has had one of the coldest winters in years?
04-07-2012 | Published in Book Launches, Palmer Higgs
On Friday night we were delighted to attend the launch of “On The Ropes” at Louisa’s home in Melbourne. Many authors think that a book launch has to be in a public place but this was a warm gathering of family and friends which really suits a book of intimate recollections.
01-07-2012 | Published in Distribution, eBooks, Palmer Higgs
  I talk to authors every day about distributing their books. One of the key points I try to emphasise is that you need to distribute your book as widely as possible.
01-03-2012 | Published in Palmer Higgs
I recently attended “International Digital Chat Series” hosted by the Australian Publishers Association in Melbourne
13-01-2012 | Published in Production
With my love of typography combined with my fear of the craft being lost for ever, due to the ever increasing popularity of the eBook, I thought it might be fun to look at some of the more obscure typographical controls that exist to ensure the best possible experience for the reader.
05-01-2012 | Published in Palmer Higgs
It can be a little frustrating trying to get your book listed on Amazon. With a little patience you should be able to successfully upload your title, however this is not the hard part.