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15-10-2013 | Published in Business
Barry Smith talks about promoting his books in Broome
10-04-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
In my typical shoot first, aim later, impetuous style I announced my Kimberley Trilogy of Australian historical novels even before I had completed the second book. Now I am under pressure from friends and some readers to make good on this commitment.
08-01-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
One of my favourite writers, Michael Chabon, traces his success to three requirements: talent, luck and discipline. Of these, he asserts that discipline is the one controllable element and hence writers must focus on this aspect and hope and trust in having the other two.
24-09-2012 | Published in Palmer Higgs
At last your baby is born. You have spent months, if not years, writing and finally overcoming the self-publishing hurdles. It looks and feels so good; like a real book.
30-07-2012 | Published in Business
Chancing a long shot
19-06-2012 | Published in Book Launches, Distribution
It was with great delight that I launched the first two novels-For Freedom’s Cause and Battle for the North - in my Kimberley Trilogy of Australian historical adventure stories