Author bloggers wanted

In our last newsletter we asked for contributions to our new author blog section. We were very happy to receive several blogs and a special thanks to Cathie Whitmore, Alec Lucke and Karen Turner for sharing their experiences.

Publishing for Indies can sometimes be a lonely experience full of uncertainties. We see our new blog for authors as being one way to share knowledge and experience with others. When presenting your blog we would like to encourage a sharing of experiences backed up with some helpful advice. For example If you are writing a blog on your first radio interview you might like to discuss what you will do differently the second time around; to improve your pitch or perhaps, you might also like to think of ways to get the interviewer to ask the questions that you want to answer, you may have been really nervous and next time you’ll take a bottle of water to help lubricate a dry mouth. 

We hope to provide our authors with a resource to improve knowledge in all areas of the publishing process. As our content grows we intend creating a searchable database of ideas, tips and information for specific areas within the publishing process. 

We would like to encourage all authors to contribute to our blog. If you would like to submit a blog for publication please contact Lisa by email or use the form below.