April 2013

As you can imagine, we at Palmer Higgs see a varied and often tormenting array of manuscript formats, and we thought that instead of whingeing about another author’s idiosyncratic layout, we’d offer a guide to how we’d like to see it formatted. And you’ll get something out of it too, because a simpler typesetting process will save you money.

Self-publishing a book can be a daunting undertaking, with pitfalls and torment awaiting the unprepared. Without professional advice the budding author can be left with an amateurish final product that makes the whole process seem like a waste of time. Here at Palmer Higgs, we love books, and we’ll do anything to make your book something you can be proud of.

In my typical shoot first, aim later, impetuous style I announced my Kimberley Trilogy of Australian historical novels even before I had completed the second book. Now I am under pressure from friends and some readers to make good on this commitment.

Lost in a drought of words

Everyone knows that reviews are an important part of marketing. They are the word of mouth referral source. The aim of a review is to give your book credibility and relevance. It spreads the word and provides prospective readers the opportunity to seek the opinion of others. The word opinion should be emphasised here. A book review is only the reviewers overall opinion of your book. So how do you choose the right person, with the right opinion, to review your book?