February 2013

Authors wishing to publish often contact us to learn more about how the publishing process works, information we are more than willing to provide. These enquiries often come to us via email which starts a trail of question and answer emails often leading, inevitably, to a phone conversation. The problem is that the options available for production and distribution are endless and depend not only on the type of book being produced but also on the choice of distribution model.

Professional Development Courses from the Australian Society of Authors

Beginner Facebook and Twitter for Authors and Illustrators

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss over social media is about? If you’ve been considering setting up a Facebook or Twitter profile and want information about the benefits, this course is for you. You will come away with increased knowledge of social media tools and how Facebook and Twitter can help promote your work.

Now while I (along with most baby boomers I suspect) don’t like to admit I’m getting older, I certainly do not consider myself to be getting ancient. And yet, generation X, Y, and whatever the next lot call themselves, may well be correct if they perceive my fumbling with day-to-day 21st century technology as being old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy. I mean, just look at the language I use! But there again, words themselves can be fickle, as they ebb and flow with generational and societal change.