August 2012

Yes, self-publishing does encompass the wonderful diversity of creativity, intellectual challenge, isolation, team collaboration, logical steps and processes, artistic flair, deadlines, the buzz of branding and marketing, the discipline of efficient product delivery, and best of all (for some), increased recognition and relationships.

I say ‘for some’ because not everyone gets fired up by increased connections with other people: unbelievable to many of us, but reality for others.   

So you’ve included the work of another within your work and, taking into account the exclusions of fair use for review and criticism, you realise you will infringe copyright if you use it. What next?

Lois May takes a look at the upcoming Brisbane Writers Festival, with a touch of Olympic Fever.

Lois May continues her series on the Brisbane Writers Festival and includes a profile of local favourite William McInnes.

Last year I jumped off the treadmill for nine months and travelled the countryside visiting writers’ festivals and seminars. While I lost my heart to the enchanting Byron Bay Writers Festival, I’m proud to say the Perth Writers Festival (PWF) came in second.

The PWF runs annually in February coinciding with the Perth International Arts Festival, which means there’s very little sleep that month, and neglected mortgages soon spawn some obvious lurking by bank managers.