July 2012

Every now and then I am reminded of the incredible swings of emotion I experienced when, back in 1997, I first set myself a goal to self-publish — with no prior industry experience ­— a national magazine for people just like me, would-be home-based business owners. (Remember, in 1997 not a lot of people were working from home, but boy, didn’t a lot of us want to!) 

Celebrating 50 years of reading, writing and provocative ideas in the sub-tropical city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  • Chancing a long shot

At the start of a soccer match it is possible to exploit an unwary goalkeeper by scoring with a speculative long shot that proves sufficient to gain a match-winning lead. To miss is no immediate calamity but then ultimate victory may require a hard fought slog to the end of a 90-minute game.

Organising a book launch can be quite a hair-raising experience. Will enough people attend, especially as Noosa has had one of the coldest winters in years?


I talk to authors every day about distributing their books. One of the key points I try to emphasise is that you need to distribute your book as widely as possible.

Today readers look in lots of places to find new titles; one new avenue is the Apple iTunes store. With iPad sales in excess of 70,000,000 and over 700,000 titles available on the iTunes store, this is a market that cannot be ignored.

On Friday night we were delighted to attend the launch of “On The Ropes” at Louisa’s home in Melbourne. Many authors think that a book launch has to be in a public place but this was a warm gathering of family and friends which really suits a book of intimate recollections.