February 2012

Eight books have been chosen by Australian readers in all States to be the National Year of Reading 2012 collection

Got an old typewriter in the cupboard? Check out what British artist Keira Rathbone does with hers (and she isn't writing novels)

Rumour is rife that Amazon is planning on opening a bricks and mortar store in its home town of Seattle to test the market. After the Borders debacle, would Amazon make the same mistake?

There will be lots of talk about Charles Dickens on this anniversary day, but here’s five things I think he would be saying to self-published authors today...... (or indeed, doing, as I'm sure he would be self-publishing!)

We all know that sometimes it's very hard to write your book. It's very tempting to just give up at that point. If you ever feel that, this is the video to watch

We all know someone who is guilty of being very Shakespearian in their delivery of poetry........ here is the essential short video for all budding poetry presenters!