January 2012

Another good reason to be a member of the Australia Society of Authors..............In Conversation With Helen Garner and Cate Kennedy

When was the last time you looked carefully at your author or book website or blog? Before the feel of a New Year disappears, it may be time for a look at your web site with “2012 eyes”

I respect Amanda Hocking as a successful author (regardless of whether published or self-published) but I particularly like the fact that she understands what it is all about – getting your work to the reader

Results from the Bookseller+Publisher's annual post-Christmas survey paints a rosier picture for print book sales than Christmas 2010. Although eBook data is harder to come by, it is definitely a case of start moving on your eBook plan if you're an author

Share reviews of your book with the NSW Writers' Centre 366 Days of Writing blog

The Copyright Agency is hosting a free event, Digital Publishing Today on Thursday 23 February at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

The EWF is looking for writers to join their Open Panel for this year’s Festival to be held from May 22nd – June 3rd in Melbourne

With my love of typography combined with my fear of the craft being lost for ever, due to the ever increasing popularity of the eBook, I thought it might be fun to look at some of the more obscure typographical controls that exist to ensure the best possible experience for the reader.

It can be a little frustrating trying to get your book listed on Amazon. With a little patience you should be able to successfully upload your title, however this is not the hard part.