August 2011

Just a bit of fun for Sunday night.

Write like a bestselling author, snare an agent, wow an editor, publish an e-book, promote like the best publicists!

We've all been following the success of the eBook and self-published authors in the US but the latest eBook phenomenon is coming from the other side of the water - UK author, Stephen Leather.

This Festival is designed as an expo to bring together self published and independent writers, with publishers, printers who may assist them. It is also designed as an expo for writers to be able to showcase their work to those most important people, READERS.

The focus of this winter warmer is tax – not the most appealing of subjects to many, but if only authors and illustrators knew how the tax system could work for them, they might be pleasantly surprised come tax time!

Independent authors often complain that its hard to market their own books.

Helen Ross of Miss Helen Writes interviews Debbie Higgs of Palmer Higgs Publishing Services about her books, the process of producing them and the world of self-publishing.

The Woolworths chain, which includes Big W and Dick Smith will be selling the Kindle e-reader in their stores and online from August 29th

ASA's E-Exchange Day on September 17th - a day when you get to ask questions about all things related to digital publishing.