February 2011

Writing a book is an artistic endeavour but publishing it is a business process.

The failure of Borders in Australia is not linked to the woes facing its namesake in America.

Ever had trouble sticking to a writing deadline? Can't seem to get motivated?

Did you know that March 3rd 2011 is World Book Day – except it is only celebrated on that day in the UK and Ireland!?

It has come as no shock to anyone in the book industry in either country as both companies have been floundering for a long time but there are varying opinions as to what has caused the problem and does this spell the end for bookstores in Australia?

Many authors would metaphorically describe their book as a journey but for David Taylor, it is also literally ‘a journey’!

Bestselling author Neil Gaiman has long been one of the top writers in comics.

This video takes it to the extreme - dancing books!