August 2010

Neilson BookScan is the international sales data monitoring and analysis service for the English-language book industry worldwide.

This is a great way to reach young readers and get involved with your local libraries.

The internet has revolutionalised how we do business by providing a new medium to sell products to a worldwide market – especially books!

I had a crazy idea about creating a non-fiction book providing an insight into the lives of five Australian equestrian Olympic medallists.

The Modern Woman’s Anthology 2010 was launched by the wife of the (then!) Prime Minister, Therese Rein, on 22nd June 2010 at Customs House, Sydney.

One of the many questions authors ask us is - how do I get my self-published books into bookstores?

In the August issue of Victorian Writer, well known self-publishing advocate and author of Self-Publishing Made Simple, Euan Mitchell announced that he is hanging up his self-publisher’s hat.

Social Media is all the buzz now, not just for communicating with friends but as a viable means of promoting your book or you as an author.