eBook Readers

In the early days, personal computers were the main devices used by people reading early format eBooks but eBooks are now usually read on dedicated hardware devices known as eBook readers. By 2009, new dedicated reading hardware devices were being produced, such as the Kindle and Sony, which overcame many of the previous problems such as poor screen quality and prohibitive cost.On January 27, 2010 Apple launched a multi-function device called the iPad and announced agreements with five of the six largest publishers that would allow Apple to distribute eBooks. Between April and June 2010, Apple sold over two million iPads and this device is being widely embraced, partly due to the amazing marketing appeal of not only the device but the company behind it.In 2011 we will see a huge diversity in dedicated eBook readers, tablets (such as the iPad) and mobile devices capable of reading various eBook formats. This will create a whole new market that the authors of eBooks can take advantage of.