eBook Formats

There are several options when it comes to choosing a format for production of an eBook. The format used for production will dictate which eReader can be used and therefore how many people can access it. Palmer Higgs intends to support the two leading standards of ePub and PDF as standard and offer other formats as options. From this platform, most eBook formats can be created e.g. Kindle and Android.

Many people believe that having their book in pure PDF format means that it can be read on any eReader or mobile device. While in many cases the PDF can be opened on such devices, it provides a static or unchangeable image which is usually too hard to read. The use of a proper eBook format, such as ePub or versioned ePub, enables the text to be resized to suit the device, making it a more enjoyable and usable reading experience.

ePub is an open standard for eBooks created by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It can currently be read by the Apple iPad, Kobo eReader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader and many other devices.