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Palmer Higgs is a leading provider of book and eBook production services to the trade book publishing industry and self-publishing authors.

Since 1994 we have produced many thousands of books – from textbooks used by thousands of Australian school children to memoirs intended only for family and friends. Our clients include major publishing houses such as Oxford University Press, business people wishing to share their expertise, fiction and non-fiction authors, children’s book writers and illustrators, and many, many more.


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Why did you decide to write your book? I wanted to respond to that timeless question “what are the critical things I should do to achieve enduring success in my (workplace) life?" So I jotted down a few ideas then checked the relevant research and the rest is history.
Publishing for Indies can sometimes be a lonely experience full of uncertainties. We see our new blog for authors as being one way to share knowledge and experience with others
Homecountry by TW Lawless shows the strength of this Australian writers ability to produce a novel that not only captivates but puts you in a place of reality. TW Lawless entertains with humor, drama, love and a little bit of country lunacy
What was the most rewarding part of the writing process? That when I sat down at the computer the main characters began to interact with each other and came alive to me.
Why did you decide to write your book? Initially I wanted to capture my family's story and food, but then, as I got deeper into the concept, I realised that there is a real need to share this with others. I want to encourage the belief that food creates memories – it is more than just something used to satisfy hunger. It is about bringing friends and family together. My story shows how food for my family and most others is a reflection of who they are and what they are all about. I want to encourage others to learn more about their family stories and to cook with their family and friends to create memories.